Write your US Senator to stop SB2109

Around the world there are ‘people of the earth’ who still respect the natural world who are working to protect her and honor the energies of all life. We are asking for your assistance to stop senate bill 2109 by writing a letter to your Senate and Congress representatives.

Stop privatization of water, the right to life. Stop corporate ownership of water, the right to life. We need to respect and protect our water, rivers, lakes and groundwaters for future generations.

Now is the time for change to protect one of the worlds most valuable elements, water, an element that all life on earth needs to survive.

Being caretakers of the elements for thousands of years the Indigenous people understand that water is not a commodity to be bought, sold, polluted and destroyed for monetary gain.

Water is to be respected and honored as one of the elements of life itself.

Stop Privatization of water. Get involved, educate yourself to this issue in your area of the world and use your voice to support life.

Stopping Senate Bill 2109 will be one step in sending a message around the world that the people of earth want a future for our children and all life.

— Here is a link to search for emails as to who represents your state. LINK HERE  

— We request you send emails to Senator John McCain, John Kyl along with your state representative.

— Send the same letter to President Obama. LINK HERE 

— Please send us a copy of your letter so we can pass them on to our Tribal Government to ask them to stop bill 2109.


Kwakwah (Thank you)
Lolmani (May there be good things in the future.)










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