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December 13-2013
For the second time this year some of our Sacred Hopi Masks have been placed on sale in France at an auction. With this second auction we have been fortunate and blessed to have had the Annenberg Foundation step forward and purchase these Sacred Spirits to bring them home to Hopi.

Due to the interest from people around the world we have had many news agencies take photos of these Sacred Masks of our ‘friends’. Below is a statement we ask you to share to stop these photos from being published, shared or downloaded.

Please take a moment to read this official request in the statement below.
We thank you for your support and respect of our Religious beliefs.

Annenberg Foundation and Hopi Nation Announce Return of Sacred Artifacts to Native American Hopi Tribe

Hopi Masks


Senatet Bill 2109 and its companion bill are officially dead. With the work of many people within the Hopi community as well as the Navajo community.

The Traditional Hopi are concerned that the politicians are working to recreate the senate Bill and bring it back to the people in a new, but just as destructive, format.

We thank the public for your support of this crisis we face not only in Hopi but around the world.

Together we have a responsibility to protect life… by protecting water.

Lyt til Hopi ældste Tal med Host Rob Simone. Tak Rob for at interviewe os!

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Gem Hopi naturlige vandressourcer.

Gem Hopi naturlige vandressourcer. Kill Bill 2109. fra Ville Tanttu om Vimeo.

Hopi Besked 2012 – Verdens Waters Udsatte – Prophecy

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