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Annenberg Foundation and Hopi Nation Announce Return of Sacred Artifacts to Native American Hopi Tribe

We thank the Annenberg Foundation for their good hearts in bringing our Katsinas home to our people where they will be cared for. Read the news release here. Kwakwah (감사합니다) Below is a public statement regarding Photos of our계속 읽기

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우리 호 피어 전통 지도자는 정부에 의해 조사되고있다

We all began as Hopi people. As Hopi we are committed to the ways of our Ancestors, our Religion, our Way of Life. As Hopi children we are raised to respect the Ceremonial Cycle of Life. In our complex society계속 읽기

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침묵의 천 년을 위반 Shungopavi 마을의 호 피어 말을

Breaking a thousand years of silence to protect water rights. Breaking silence for the first time in history the Traditional Hopi of Shungopavi Village are stepping into the public to speak to the world for the first time. They are계속 읽기

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기도에 대한 전화

The Hopi ask for Prayers and support The Hopi people live in their Villages high on the Mesas of the Arizona desert as their ancestors have for close to a thousand years. Many of the homes of the Hopi still계속 읽기

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인테리어 살라자르 편지 장관

Ken Salazar, Secretary fo Interior is helping to push through senate bill 2109 to take Hopi and Navajo waters. Here is a letter from his office with an invitation to Washington. Traditional Hopi and Navajo are apposed to this agrement. … 계속 읽기

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호 피어 지도자들은 강력 그랜드 캐년 (Grand Canyon) 댁의 개발을 반대

October 5, 2012 Kykotsmovi, Ariz. – At a recent Tribal Council meeting, Hopi leaders unanimously agreed to approve Resolution H-113-2012, in which they formally state their position to strongly oppose the development of a commercial initiative at the Grand Canyon계속 읽기

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호피의 자연 물을 저장 …. 상원 법안을 중지 2109

그것은 물을 저장하는 방법 중요한 래드 포드 Quamahongnewa 공유에서 새 비디오. 호 피어의 자연 물 자원을 절약. 빌을 죽일 2109. 메오 그린빌 Tanttu에서.

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나바 호족 국가의 물 위기 패배

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jihan Gearon, 블랙 메사 물 연합 (928) 380-6684 론 밀, 식사 '물 권리 (928) 401-8707 NAVAJO GRASSROOTS CRUSH KYL BILL Navajo Council firmly rejects Navajo Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement Window Rock, 애리조나 … 계속 읽기

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워싱턴에있는 연락처 SB2109을 막을 편지를 써

President Obama EMAIL: website: Call the white house with your comments: 202 456-1111 Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar EMAIL: website: Phone: (202) 208-3100 E-Mail: Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240 … 계속 읽기

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여기서 날짜에 있지만, 모든 일뿐만 아니라, 모든 신성한 사이트에 대해기도에 마음을 가입 모두에게 물어. Kwa Kwah THE MORNING STAR INSTITUTE 611 펜실베이니아 거리, SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 547-5531 News계속 읽기

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