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NEWS on Stopping Senate bill 2109 and Protect Water rights of Hopi and Dine is found on the NEWS PAGE

Four dollars for a gallon of water? The dream of Monsanto and other corporations wanting to privatize water

Four dollars for a gallon of gas is ridiculous enough, but $4 for a gallon of water could someday became a reality, that is if oil tycoons like T. Boone Pickens and water bottling companies have their way. Privatization of … Continue reading

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Write your US Senator to stop SB2109

Around the world there are ‘people of the earth’ who still respect the natural world who are working to protect her and honor the energies of all life. We are asking for your¬†assistance¬†to stop senate bill 2109 by writing a … Continue reading

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Youtube: Stop Bill 2109 3 videos

STOP SB 2109 – Former Navajo and Hopi Chairmans Statements – Navajo Hopi Water Rights   STOP SB 2109 – Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012   STOP SB 2109 – Navajo Hopi Water Rights Settlement … Continue reading

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TAKE ACTION: Navajo-Hopi water rights attend the forums, voice your concerns

We encourage people to attend these open forums to voice their concerns with Senate bill 2109 and the rights of the Navajo and Hopi people. Water settlement forums will be held by the Navajo Nation Water Commission and the Office … Continue reading

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CYARK- Hopi Petroglyph site

CYARK is an organization dedicated to the preservation and documentation of ancient sites. They have made a video that they share on youtube with the public to share some of the Hopi Petroglyphs. This was done with new technology equipment … Continue reading

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STOP privatization of water.

Sign this petition to stop the privatization of water. Get Involved and share this with your networks. Click here to sign petition to stop this. Posted: 14 March 2012 Right now, corporate lobbyists are in exclusive meetings with government leaders … Continue reading

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Call to Action

In our quickly changing world we recognize that we must all take steps to protect the Sacred and restore as well as maintain the balance in this world. For us to do this it will require that we work together … Continue reading

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Village life

Here you can see some of ancient beautiful homes of our Village in Shungopavi. The homes are made of stone, wood and earth. Some of the buildings are hundreds of years old and are still being lived in today. This … Continue reading

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We as human beings have a responsibility to this earth and to each other to protect the Sacred.

In a recent article from Washington in the Navajo Hopi Observer, March 14th issue; Politicians are taking a public stand on the water rights of the Hopi and Dine speaking as though this is a money issue. This is an … Continue reading

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Links to Latest News Articles regarding Bill 2109 Hopi-Navajo Water Rights

Senate Bill 2109 undermines our sovereignty Feds, tribal officials call for efforts to settle, not sue over, water rights Brownstein Hyatt Lobbying for Navajo Nation on Water Rights

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