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చాలా ఇతర సంస్థలు మరియు సంఘాలు LINKS కూడా మా ప్రపంచంతో మొత్తం మీద దృష్టి వారు, అన్ని జీవితం కోసం సంరక్షణ మరియు గౌరవం, మేము మీరు భాగస్వామ్యం కోరుకున్నారు మా సూచనలు కొన్ని.

Blue Gold- World Water Wars Documentary

This film is a must to begin to understand what is happening around the world to ground water, rivers and lakes. How governments and corporations are buying and controlling the purchase and then sale of water.   Link to BLUE GOLD here….. 

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Water Wiki . net

Great resource for water information. The only way to create change is to understand the issues we face today. GREAT site …… here is the link

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CYARK- Hopi Petroglyph site

CYARK is an organization dedicated to the preservation and documentation of ancient sites. They have made a video that they share on youtube with the public to share some of the Hopi Petroglyphs. This was done with new technology equipmentContinue reading

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