Hopi of Shungopavi Village have lived in the same location for close to a thousand years. The Traditional Leaders have remained focused on carrying out their complex Ceremonies to hold the balance of the world and the Universe just as their Ancestors have before them.

Now for the first time in history they are breaking their silence to speak to the world.

What is happening worldwide regarding water and the right to water has moved them to action as they face this challenge along with humanity.

Direct interviews and messages will be placed here for the world as they are created directly from the Traditional Leaders, calling the world to action.

What happens in Hopi, happens happens in the rest of the world. Stoping the sale of Hopi water protects the worlds water and together we create the path to a future which is positive.

KwaKwah (Dankoni vin)

Aŭskulti al Hopi Plejaĝuloj Parolas kun Gastiganto Rabas Simone. Dankoni vin Rabi por intervjuanta nin!

ARKIVA Parto Unu Aŭskultas ĉi tie:

ARKIVA PARTO TWO daŭrita intervjuojn aŭskultas ĉi tie:

Por Pli da informo Ligi ĉi tie.

Savi la naturaj akvaj rimedoj de Hopi. Mortigi Bill 2109. De Ville Tanttu Sur Vimeo.

Hopi Mesaĝo 2012 – Mondaj Akvoj ĉe Risko – Profetaĵo

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