Our Hopi Traditional Leaders are being questioned by the government

We all began as Hopi people.

As Hopi we are committed to the ways of our Ancestors, our Religion, our Way of Life. As Hopi children we are raised to respect the Ceremonial Cycle of Life. In our complex society no one person can fully comprehend all that encompasses being, living, thinking and breathing Hopi.

Today our Hopi Way of Life is being threatened by lawsuits against our Mongwis, (Chiefs) and in our recent past through a new proposed Constitution. These threats come from within our own Federally mandated Tribal Government that does not support the Traditional Hopi Way of Life. These two issues are working to support one another with our Tribal Government to remove our right to Religion completely.

This challenge is not only a challenge to our Chiefs, but also a challenge to our Hopi Way of Life, our way of being, our way of thinking

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. The Authority of our Traditional chiefs from three villages is now being challenged by this Tribal Government.

We the Traditional Hopi live simply and live following the ceremonial cycles of life according to our religious practices that have been carried on for thousands of years.

We ask to be given the same rights and freedoms that are outlined in the United States Constitution and to uphold the rights to our Hopi Way of Life as is clearly stated in our current Hopi Constitution.

In the USA Constitution it states: right to religion>>>>
Our Hopi current Constitution from 1936 has Protections: In article 6, Section 1k, the Hopi Tribal Council has a duty to; “ To protect the arts, crafts, traditions, and ceremonies of the Hopi Indians.” If we allow the Constitutional rights of the people within the Unites States of America to be ignored on this microcosmic scale then this will slowly filter out to the people as a whole. Next your rights to freedom of Religion may be challenged.

Men and women have roles within the ceremonial cycle that compliment one another. Women have have their ceremonial responsibilities and in certain villages, Hopi men embark on a long ceremonial process that will last for months. The Hopi men and women have specific rolls to ensure the balance for all humanity and life.

Kikmongwi, or village chief a chief comes from a specific clan and he is identified as a young male. He undergoes years of sacrifice, teachings and preparation throughout his lifetime.

Without annual prayers in the kivas and without their commitment to all people of the world, our ceremonial cycle would cease.

We are now facing the governments of Hopi that we no longer have the right to govern ourselves, choose our Kikmongwis.

Prayers for protecting our Hopi way of life will create prayers to protect all of humanity’s right to follow a spiritual, religious, traditional belief and way of life.

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